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LCD Projector
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LCD projector is a type of video projector for displaying video, images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface.
Group: Projectors
Corded Microphone
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A microphone is an acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that converts sound into an electrical signal.
Group: Microphones
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Headphones are a pair of small loudspeakers that are designed to be held in place close to a user's ears.
Group: Headphones
Sound Systems
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Sound systems is the combination of microphones, signal processors, amplifiers, and loudspeakers that makes live or pre-recorded sounds louder and may also distribute those sounds to a larger or more distant audience.
Group: Acoustic systems
Acoustic Speakers
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Speakers is an electroacoustic transducer that produces sound in response to an electrical audio signal input.
Group: Acoustic speakers
LED Lighting
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We offer a wide range of products, including LED lighting. Quality products at competitive prices.
Group: Light-emitting diodes
Mixing Console
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Mixing console is an electronic device for combining, routing, and changing the level, timbre and/or dynamics of audio signals. A mixer can mix analog or digital signals, depending on the type of mixer.
Group: Mixing console
DVD Recorders
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DVD recorder is an optical disc recorder that uses Optical disc recording technologies to digitally record analog signal or digital signals onto blank writable DVD media.
Group: DVD recorders


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